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Enterprise Information System Committee

Executive Summary for Workamajig

The current manner in which Public Affairs manages its internal workflow is by using large hard-copy manila envelopes that contain assignments from our clients with any brochures, rack cards, etc., that we have completed for that client previously inside. The envelope is then handed to the graphic designer and all writing, Web site, video, or social media assignments affiliated with that project are divvied out to fellow staff in the content, video, and Web units through GroupWise email. All correspondence with clients across campus is conducted through GroupWise email or by phone.

The Public Affairs office is in dire need of an online design workflow solution. In this document, we will provide the reasons why we do not think Team Dynamix is sufficient for our uses. We will also provide our proposal for a solution that we have researched. A third option will be provided: to leave things as they are, and we will state our concerns regarding that option as well.

Sponsoring Department(s): Public Affairs

Date of Business Case Preparation: 06/2014

Contact Person Name/Phone:  Director of Public Affairs Jackie O’Ryan, 509 963-2845

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