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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 6-16-2014

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Agenda
(Monday) June 16th, 2014
9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Barge 410

Business Case(s):
  • R25 Replacement presented by Cherie Wilson. R25 life expectancy will be ending soon, there will be some technical support, but will no longer provide patch work. R25 is heavily used by Registrar and Facilities. Many benefits include accessibility, instantaneous updates, and unlimited user ability with log in through CWU credentials. There are a couple of concerns with the vendor, but they are the only vendor that provides everything that CWU needs. They are looking to add a statement to the contract to account for the struggles they have had in the past. Financing coming through the Registrar and Scheduling. Will look into pulling funding from IS and the Provost to complete the project. Case is approved to be moved on to Cabinet to secure funding.
Discussion Topic:
  • Introduced Rodney Bransdorfer to those members of the committee who were present for the meeting and discussed the purpose and set up of EISC and sub-councils.
Sub Council Updates to ET:
  • ATAC - No update
  • Non-Academic - Heard the R25 business case, approved to be passed on to EISC. Will extend invitations to 5 new voting members to extend to more groups across campus.

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