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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 6-2-2014

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Agenda
(Monday) June 2nd, 2014
9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Barge 410

Business Case(s):
  • Oracle PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions 9.2 adjustment presented by Charlene Bane. 380 hours of Human Resource time was added to the resource loading chart. They also tightened the financial difference for consulting with CedarCrestone. The project was approved and will be added to the project queue for future funding needs.

Discussion Topic:
  • Change Management update presented by Gail Farmer. Gave a short update on each of the projects that are coming up in the very near future and the processes regarding those.
  • ITV/DE/Centers Progress report presented by Tracy Pellet. As of right now not much has changed from last meeting. It was stated that a business case needs to be created with the different options or suggestions for what steps to take regarding this system, in order to send it up to the Cabinet for a final decision.
  • TeamDynamix project list update presented by Ginger McIntosh. Current and upcoming project statuses are publicly available and linked on the Project Management site.
  • Online Travel Authorization/Expense Report Feedback presented by Tina Short. Received a much larger group of responses on this particular survey. People were very vocal about their opinions and suggestions. There was a lot of positive feedback about it being more efficient and easier to use in some ways. There is a lack of understanding of the rules and regulations with this new switch and it has caused some different struggles for many users. Wanting a quicker turnaround time for approval or additional paperwork. 
  • cAPPS Feedback presented by Sue Noce. Used focus groups for the original launch and invited them back to give their feedback. Also sent out surveys and got over 25% feedback. Liked the efficiency and saving paper. Suggestions were fixing pagelet and the process and what sequence to go in.
  • ATAC & NASC Purpose and Membership updates were handed out for each member of the committee. The crossover of the two sub committees was discussed and decided that there needs to be more open communication between the committees as a whole.
Sub Council Updates to ET:
  • ATAC – No update. Meeting 6/2 at 3 pm.
  • Non-Academic – No update.

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