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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 5-19-2014

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Agenda
(Monday) May 19th, 2014
9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Barge 410

Business Case(s):
  • Oracle PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions 9.2 presented by Joy Corbett. This system would create a faster and more efficient system for new hire and rehire data. The long term goal of the new more efficient system would be to reduce the number of people on the team working on eRecruiting, saving the university money, and closing the gap by having a single system for eRecruiting. The switch to Oracle people soft would save about $26,000 per year in HR staff time. Requested to add HR resources to the resource loading chart. Also, getting a more defined amount for CedarCrestone costs to be able to get a better idea of when this project could be started. Once that information is obtained it will need to come back to EISC.  
Discussion Topic:
  • Computer Lab Task Force update by Tracy Pellet. This task force was pulled together to look at computer lab use, time distribution, student comments and concerns. Concerns: more printing stations, lab availability for students, lab usage for colleges/classes, and lab set up for best student use. Scheduling seems to be the biggest issue, coordinating classes and open lab for students to actually use the lab. Students pay a Tech Fee for lab use, but the labs are not always open when they need them due to classes scheduled in the labs.
  • ITV/DE/Centers progress report by Tracy Pellet. What are we doing in regards to this type of classroom teaching? It is expensive, so is it really the best way? Not very reliable. Looking at different options for replacing ITV. Have been assessing what we need, but what is the next step. Tracy says that the Cabinet needs to make a decision that we either get rid of ITV or we don’t. What direction are we heading as a whole, and make the decision based on that. Currently working on the business case for this project and computer labs for review by EISC in June.
  • Online Purchase Requisition feedback by Tina Short. Mostly good feedback. Some requests were for an Amazon like shopping cart or catalog and more trainings to better understand the system as a whole. They have a plan for adding the Shopping Catalog to the eProcurement system, there is funding and should be an easy addition. Can implement regarding resources after July, due to project team availability. All resources are to be reviewed and an update on availability provided at the June 2 meeting.
  • TeamDynamix update by Gene Shoda. Curriculog update to be given at 6/2 meeting.
  • ATAC and Non-ATAC purpose and membership by Sherer Holter. Would like a list of members for each sub-committee as well as a definition what they are there to do and what is the purpose of each group. Information for others to clearly understand what is supposed to come through each sub-committee. Purpose and Membership for sub-committees will be brought to 6/2 meeting.
  • Dean Replacement. Tracy Pellet will find out what Deans or Associate Deans might be interested and willing to volunteer their time.
Sub Council Updates to ET:
  • ATAC – Presented by Tracy Pellet
  • Non-Academic – Presented by Tina Short. Joel Klucking replacing Connie Williams.

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