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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 4-21-2014

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Agenda
(Monday) April 21st, 2014
9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Barge 410

Business Case(s):
  • The Space Module case was presented by Mickey Parker. This project is fully funded by FMD. Per the request of Steve DeSoer, Mickey will update the purpose and summary of the business case to clarify that it will be an all-encompassing master database for inventory and interior space. The funding will also be amended to include $15,000 for possible technology needs from IS. The Space Module case was approved by the committee.
  • The Service Delivery (Ticketing System) case was presented by Gene Shoda. There is no funding at this time for this project. It was discussed that funds from the switch to MS365 could be used for this project. Tracy Pellet and Connie Williams also expressed interest in funding if the project would extend outside of IS to be used in Academic and other departments. There is an adjustment that needs to be made to the cost chart for the business case. The Service Delivery case was approved.
Discussion Topic:
  • Microsoft365 was presented by Gene Shoda. The different options with MS365 were presented and discussed. At this time we are going with the second option, which is free to students, staff and faculty under the current contract and contains all of the basic requirements for us to operate. There may be need to move to another option in the future. The timeline was presented with the goal of having MS365 up and running by August as to have the system set and ready for classes to start in September.
Sub Council Updates to ET:

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