Enterprise Information System Committee

Non-Academic Sub-Council Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2014 (Tuesday)
2:00pm – 3:00pm. Barge 304

Present: Jillana Hernandez, Tina Short, Chris Huss, John Swiney, Lindsey Ulrich, Lucinda Lunstrum, Staci Sleigh-Layman, Jamie Thomas, Sue Noce, Bill Yarwood. 
Absent: Tim McGuire, Lindsey Brown, Connie Williams.
Agenda Items:
Business Case
Accessible Information Management Database (Staci Sleigh-Layman presenting for Wendy Holden):
Disability Services/HR does not have a unified method of tracking student accommodations and documentation.  Employees need to go to several systems to locate information. Students also use several different services to simply request accommodations from Disability Services/HR. The lack of a single system makes the process very confusing and time-consuming. Also, the majority of the existing systems are not compatible with screen reading technology which creates a compliance problem.
PeopleSoft is not designed to handle the interaction tracking and data collection needed to accurately monitor student services. Therefore after researching options on the market and hearing feedback from disability services across the country, Accessible Information Management (AIM) emerged as the best option for an information management system for CWU Disability Services/HR. The AIM program would replace the following programs: MyBooks, Online Accommodation Request System, Advisor, Google Calendar for Interpreter Scheduling, and Central Access Project Management System.
AIM would resolve the screen reading compliance issue, since they are fully accessible by individuals using screen reading software. Having a system that is accessible and intuitive reduces CWU’s liability if a complaint were to be filed with the Office for Civil Rights.
Coordinating AIM with our current interface would require collaboration between AIM software developers and our IS department. Central Access personnel will be responsible for system management. Jill mentioned having a single sign on requires more of the networks time, suggested Disability Services/HR first touch base with AIM to see what the requirements are.
The total cost would be $21k, broken down into a one-time cost of $9,350 and a yearly cost of $4,370. Disability Services/ HR already has the funding, they need approval to start integrating the new system. Once the business case is approved through EISC, IS will fit in the AIM system when it can be done.
John Swiney moved to approve, Chris Huss seconded the motion.

New Concept/Idea Requests
Automate Job Postings Using API to the H2H Veterans Job Website (Veronica Gomez-Vilchis):
This concept idea was put on hold, until a further date.
Other Discussion/Informational Items
Chris Huss gave the group a quick re-cap in regards to the RCM modeling meeting with Tim Martin from February 10th.

Approve January 14th Meeting Minutes:
Tina Short moved to approve, John Swiney seconded the motion.