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Enterprise Information System Committee

Non-Academic Sub-Council Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2014 (Tuesday)
2:00pm – 3:00pm. Barge 304

Present: Jillana Hernandez, Tina Short, Chris Huss, John Swiney, Lindsey Ulrich, Tim McGuire, Lindsey Brown, Sue Noce, Bill Yarwood, Andreas Bohman, Veronica Gomez-Vilchis.
Absent: Lucinda Lunstrum, Connie Williams.
Agenda Items: Business Case
Service Delivery (Andreas Bohman):
Currently there is no central service delivery platform to bridge our IT services.   We have no way of tracking a service ticket, or have the ability to give customers the current status of their ticket.  Typically, an organization has a service delivery platform to establish integration, deliver value, and maintain a minimum level of competency. Our current system is lacking that organization and ability to allow us to meet service level agreements. Our IT group is currently relying on three different systems to provide services to our customers. None of these systems communicate with each other, resulting in minimal information sharing between functional groups. Some groups rely on email while others use internal chat or a phone call.
With our iCat implementation there will be a greater need for a centralized, clearly defined service delivery solution to assist customers. This request is also tied to a finding/recommendation from the BerryDunn report.  There will still be a helpdesk that is familiar to staff and students on campus. The main improvement will be the ability to track a service request. With a new system a ticket will be automatically generated and each service department will have access/knowledge to the tickets in the system to provide better service to customers in question.
Andreas checked out various vendors and decided on Teamdynamix as the best candidate to implement a new central service delivery system.  Teamdynamix (asset management module and projects) is currently implemented within the Project Management area, and is also the most cost effective.  The software licensing cost for the new service delivery system would run an additional $15k to what is currently being spent on TeamDynamix, with an additional $30kfor on-site implementation cost. The timeline is estimated at three months, and preferably the project would start in February. Chris Huss asked if there would be any cost savings associated with removing the old system and implementing a new one.  Andreas mentioned that we spend so little on the current system there would not be a significant cost savings.
We also have the licensing to support almost all the areas of implementation. We have almost 90 technician licenses; the last area that would need to be covered by a new license is the web. Once this system is up and running the central manager would probably be Chris Pratz from Computer Support Services.
Chris Huss recommended to move, and John Swiney seconded the motion.
New Concept/Idea Requests
Make HR Training Calendar Available in MyCWU (Veronica Gomez-Vilchis):
With the implementation of iCAT, HR would like to have a HR training calendar accessible to users on the MyCWU home page. Most users want to be able to easily see upcoming training. Currently, employees go to the HR webpage and then look at the calendar for upcoming training. Having a quick view calendar would increase participation in university sponsored life-long learning opportunities.
The question was raised if a link to the HR page would be provided or if IT could actually integrate an active calendar into a pagelet.   Jill Hernandez indicated they would need to size the project and see what is possible to provide them with the calendar. Also Veronica requested the title be changed, because people are getting confused. Again, Jill said she would need to talk with her team to see if this would be a quick fix, or a decent size project.
Overall the group decided it is a good idea, and to see what adding the calendar would entail.
Concept/Idea Updates
Priority List Review (Tina Short):
The group discussed the outcome of the concept/idea ranking sheet.  All were in agreeance with the top two concept/idea cases. John Swiney also noted that he had shared the ranking sheet with Provost Levine, and she was also in agreeance with the top two concept/ideas requests to be completed.
The group casually discussed future concept/idea requests and the importance of ranking the cases. As the new year starts and NASC receives new requests should we continue to order them in a list of importance. The group agreed that yes, deciding which projects hold priority is important.  Also Sue Noce mentioned that the iCAT MyCWU project team will start to disassemble, and more concept/idea requests will need to be brought forward if additional changes are wanted to be made to the new MyCWU portal.
Other Discussion/Informational Items
Approve December 19th Meeting Minutes (Tina Short):
Lindsey Brown moved to approve, Chris Huss seconded the motion.