Enterprise Information System Committee

Non-Academic Sub-Council Meeting Minutes

December 19, 2013 (Thursday)
3:00pm – 4:00pm. Barge 412

Present: Connie Williams, Jillana Hernandez, Tina Short, Chris Huss, John Swiney, Lindsey Ulrich, Tim McGuire, Lucinda Lunstrum, Lindsey Brown.
Absent: Sue Noce, Bill Yarwood.
Agenda Items:
Concept/Idea Prioritization List to EISC (Tina Short):
The concept/idea requests that are still actively waiting to be completed were discussed. The timelines and objectives of each open item were explained for scoring purposes.
The group was given a scoring sheet to help prioritize the list of concept/ideas. The group discussed the importance of each concept/idea including: Guest User Login, Quarterly Update to Academic Interest, TIO Advising and Reporting, Early Alert to Class Roster, Enforcement of Pre-Req’s, and Integration of BLR to PeopleSoft. The final concept/idea --MyCWU Pagelet for foundation Edge Report-- did not need to be ranked since it will be completed either way.
The concept/ideas that proved to be most important were the Guest User Login, early Alert to Class Roster, and Quarterly Update to Academic Interest. Each council member was given the task to rank and review each concept/idea, send their score sheets to Lindsey Ulrich to tally up before the next Non- Academic Sub-Council meeting. The final scores will be discussed, and the appropriate actions to complete these items will be put into place.
ATAC Update (Tina Short):
Lori Braunstein will be leading the implementation of Curriculog staring February 3rd.It will be a 6-10 week process. The proposed plan is to implement by Fall 2014. They have identified trainers who will assist with the implementation and later provide training to the Curriculog users.
MediaAmp: The team met to plan out the roadmap for the last initial stakeholders who will have their needs met. BPress will be integrated with MediaAmp.  iTunes University will be moved to MediaAmp. Public Affairs will have public videos and displays. A long term goal is to have live streaming events such as Graduation available through MediaAmp.
Chris Schedler reviewed the Online Learning Quality Assurance presentation. One of the findings was student satisfaction ratings showed a noticeable decrease in the area of Enrollment Services (especially financial aid information and course registration). There was discussion from the Non-Academic Sub Council membership that we might use MyCWU pagelets to assist with better communication to our students. Tina will send the presentation to the membership for their review.