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Enterprise Information System Committee

Non-Academic Sub-Council Meeting Minutes

November 21, 2013 (Thursday)
3:00pm – 4:00pm. Barge 304

Present: Connie Williams, Jillana Hernandez, Tina Short, Chris Huss, John Swiney, Lindsey Ulrich, Dawn Varnum, Veronica Gomez-Vilchis, Bill Yarwood, Tim McGuire, Lucinda Lunstrum.
Absent: Lindsey Brown, Sue Noce.
Agenda Items:
Review Business Cases Approved by Cabinet (Connie Williams)
Concept/Idea Prioritization List to EISC:
Tina Short and Lindsey Ulrich will continue to gather information for the list. The December 19th meeting the committee can prioritize the remaining concept/idea requests.
Concept/Idea Requests:
1. BLR Integrate to PeopleSoft (Veronica Gomez-Vilchis)
Human Resources recently moved to a new BLR system for online mandatory training.  The new training is user friendly and also provides helpful features such as: audio, and the in-ability to skip to the end so employees must follow the full presentation. With the additional feature the testing time is cut in half. The required testing includes: Title 9, sexual harassment, and workplace discrimination.
With the new system HR must manually enter the completed training information into PeopleSoft.  This provides room for error and is also time-consuming. HR is requesting integration from BLR into PeopleSoft to load enrollment data and eliminate manual data entry.
The NASC group supported the integration.

2. Foundation Financial Edge, My CWU Pagelet (Tina Short)
The Foundation Financial Edge project requests an online foundation report available for a select set of users on MyCWU as a pagelet. This pagelet would only be available to a select set of users. The link would be updated periodically and would increase the external funding received for research, scholarship, and creative expression by faculty, staff and students. The pagelet would also enhance the level of cooperation between the university and external communities, as well as, develop marketing plants that meet the enrollment objectives of the university.

If the MyCWU pagelet is not created for Foundation Financial Edge, users that need access to the information would need to send out reports by email. To implement, Information Services would need to create the pagelet and the Foundation will create the reports.
The NASC group supported the pagelet.

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