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Enterprise Information System Committee

Non-Academic Sub-Council Meeting Minutes

September 12 (Thursday)
3:00pm – 4:00pm   Barge 412

Present: Connie Williams, Dale Lonowski, Colleen Halvorsen, Jillana Hernandez, Tina Short, Lucinda Lunstrum, Barry Caruthers, Lindsey Brown, Tim McGuire, Chris Huss, Carmen Rahm, Sue Noce, John Swiney, Lindsey Ulrich.
Absent: Bill Yarwood.
Agenda Items:
Approve August 27th minutes.
Update on Business Cases:
Document Imaging Update (Connie Williams):
Various departments including: Enrollment, Registrar, Human Resources, Financial Aid, etc. are all excited about document imaging. Currently we are waiting on vendor comparisons, looking for something comparable to what Eastern Washington University was offered.  Will consider Eastern’s resources first before checking into other vendors.
Conflict of Interest Update (Connie Williams):
Stacey Sleigh-Layman presented the Conflict of Interest case at our last meeting August 27th.  The case was moved forward to EISC; once it goes to EISC if approved it could then be put on the list for funding approval.
Help Desk Solution (Presented by: Colleen Halvorson):
We are currently using Group Link’s everything HelpDesk to log service calls. Previously our CWU Help Desk used a software called Service Center but it was very expensive. The new software, although less expensive, is lacking in reporting capability.  The University is focusing on improving customer service, and being able to have a better work flow and improved reporting would improve customer service.
Stakeholders in a new HelpDesk software solution include: ITS, CSS and Andreas Bohman’s department for security. Would ultimately like it to be university wide, also it would help unify ITS under one HelpDesk product. No vendor has been identified as a potential solution and unsure of total costs.
Estimated budget could be around 50k, which is acceptable with the many stakeholders that would use a new system.
Connie Williams raised the question if TeamDynamix has a HelpDesk option.

Sue Noce mentioned TeamDynamix does have a ticketing module. Colleen asked if Team Dynamix has inventory capabilities? Tina Short said yes. It has a module called Asset Management which may satisfy their needs.
Most agreed it would make sense to look into TeamDynamix capabilities before looking at an outside vendor. Connie requested before a business case is submitted that Sue provide Colleen with a license into TeamDynamix.
Final Comments on the HelpDesk:
-Identify other stakeholders who will/may use the system and ensure whatever route is chosen works for them as well.
-Mainly want to provide better customer and support services through the HelpDesk to staff, students, & faculty.
Training Database (Presented by: Dale Lonowski):
Currently training faculty, staff and students on content located in our Enterprise Information Systems (Safari, FMS, HRMS). Typically trains in a non-production environment. Currently the non-production environment that is most used is Safari and cApps training in CSTST. The problem is CSTST is a test environment, which means it is constantly changing and being refreshed. Previously training was not as much of an issue, but is becoming one with the changing nature and aggressive schedules of how we roll out many of the iCAT projects. Previously everything was already tested so training was stable. But training while there is ongoing testing often times ends with conflicts -- some days areas of the system will be missing that were available the day before.
Connie Williams asked the question of what the cost would be for a separate database(s) for training? Carmen Rahm indicated there would be a hard fixed cost for storage, and then fees for labor to maintain and refresh.  Not able to put a dollar amount on incremental costs, but they would come from support.  It would be similar to reporting database costs.
Another benefit to a training database is that sensitive information can be blocked. Also Dale could set the system up to train people by “type or department” rather than by individuals.
The question was raised if this Training Database would need to go through iCAT? We need to gather more materials and we could mention it in an iCAT meeting.
Other Discussion/Informational Items: Team Dynamix Update (Sue Noce):
Sue Noce, Tina Short and Ginger Mcintosh met with the vendor for Team Dynamix this week. Brought in various team members to be trained on the new project portfolio management software. Once all training is complete they will be ready to roll out the software system. At the next meeting Sue would like to present a demo of TeamDynamix.

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