Enterprise Information System Committee


EISC Membership

per CWU Policy 2-60(10)


 Chair - Director of Multimodal Learning - (Nina Oman)

Human Resource Representative - Executive Director - (Staci Sleigh-Layman)

Institutional Effectiveness - Executive Director - (Nina Oman) 

Provost Representative - Associate Provost - (Katherine Frank)

Student Success Representative - Dean of Student Success - (Sarah Swager)

Dean/Faculty Representative - (Tim Englund, Dean; Feng Wang, Faculty)

Student Body Representative - (Kristi Glasgall)

Academic Council Representative - Director of Multimodal Learning - (Chris Schedler)

Business Council Representative - AVP of Financial Services - (Joel Klucking)

Information Services Representative - Chief Information Officer - (Gene Shoda)

Facilities Representative - Director of Maintenance & Operations - (Bill Yarwood)

Web Representative - Director of Web Services - (Jesse Days)


Updated: 5-2016