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Enterprise Information System Committee


Problems have been identified that are the impetus for changing CWU’s Telephone System. First, though the existing system, an Avaya/Nortel CS1000M, is in good condition, well maintained and at current release, the system vendor Avaya has notified the industry that there will be no further feature or software development or upgrades for this platform. The building the system resides in has been identified as seismically unsound and a new Data Center is being planned as a part of the Samuelson Communications Technology Center Project. Once construction is complete data network and telephone system operations are planned to be migrated to this new Data Center. Moving the existing telephone system will be expensive, time consuming and require extensive and extended telephone service outages across campus. Costs to move and/or replace the system will have a major impact on the SCTC project budget.

A predesign study was performed by Summit Engineering to evaluate potential solutions. The recommended solution is to replace the existing phone system with a new VoIP communications system.

Work will need to be completed prior to the completion of the SCTC project to mitigate the impact on that budget. New, proven, application and feature rich technology would be installed. Project disruption and downtime would be significantly reduced and much less service affecting.

Sponsoring Department(s): President’s Office, Information Technology Services

Date of Business Case Preparation: September 27, 2013

Contact Person Name/Phone: Noah Rodriguez (ext. 2934)