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Enterprise Information System Committee


The Information Technology Services (ITS) Department, along with numerous Stakeholders across the University including the Library, Public Affairs, the Communications Department, Multi-Modal Learning, and others have recognized the need for a robust and high-performance On-Demand Video Streaming service for video content to be delivered both on-campus and off-campus. After establishing the scope of the service, and developing requirements and standards to be adopted, the group reviewed several potential options for providing this service including solutions hosted on-premise, and cloud-based solutions. The cloud-based solution provided by MediaAmp (developed and provided by the University of Washington) has been identified as the most appropriate and cost effective solution for CWU.
This Business Case Proposal outlines the current challenges being faced by the University (both administratively and academically) with regards to the management, storage and distribution of quality video content, and the benefits which will result from a modern and most importantly a “single” solution for the entire University. Initially, several stakeholders were considering separate silo solutions, but via a collaborative effort, a single/standard solution for CWU has been identified. After review of several options for meeting this need, MediaAmp is being recommended for approval because it provides a turnkey, hybrid cloud-based solution that meets the needs of CWU stakeholders, controls initial and recurring costs, minimizes any requirements for additional staff at CWU to support the environment, substantially limits risk, and can be implemented quickly and efficiently (and in a phased approach).
Sponsoring Department(s): After establishing the requirements and a standardized design, stakeholders feel that nearly every department on campus will benefit from this Video Streaming Solution. Current stakeholders who have identified an interest and provided input to this review include, but are not limited to:

  • The Brooks Library
  • CWU Music Department
  • Communications Department
  • Student Clubs & Organizations
  • Information Technology Services
  • Public Affairs
  • Department of Aviation
  • Military Science (ROTC)
  • American Sign Language

Date of Business Case Preparation & Submission: January/February 2012
Contact Person Name/Phone: Since this is a campus-wide benefit, and the proposal is to centrally manage MediaAmp within the ITS Department.

Posted 11/18/2013