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Enterprise Information System Committee

Executive Summary for Space Module

Purpose:  Purchase of AIM Space Module to establish a single, enterprise wide solution for collection, maintenance, and dissemination of building information.
Summary:  For developing and maintaining a single, enterprise wide data base solution of building information, interior space information is required.  There is some information available.  For instance, R25 of the Registrar’s Office has some classroom and meeting room information.  Presently, there is no enterprise wide solution of all of the information required.  FMD has been directed by executive management to provide a complete inventory of the interior space information as soon as possible.
An enterprise solution is to purchase the AIM Space Module.  It is an addition to the AIM Property Module, already owned by CWU.   The Property Module is currently used by FMD, Work Control, to number all of the CWU buildings.  Only the building numbers were entered into the Aim Property Module.  The interior space information (square footages) for rooms, open spaces, etc. has not been entered into the Aim Property Module.  FMD has begun to upload the available CAD drawings of the building interior spaces to the Aim Property Module, which will provide square footages for building spaces.  The Aim Space Module subsequently will be the repository for the uses of the interior spaces as defined in the Property Module. 
Benefits:  The main benefit of purchasing the AIM Space module is that the combination of the Aim Property and Space modules will provide a single source of information for planning, budgeting, and RCM processes.   The enterprise wide solution of building and interior space information will be developed, updated, and maintained in one system.  The data base will interface with R25 or other resource and scheduling software required by the Registrar’s Office and Scheduling Center.  For RCM, the academic and other departments will know how many square feet are assigned to them.

Sponsoring Department(s):     Facilities Management  Department (FMD)

Date of Business Case Preparation:     March 24, 2014     

Contact Person Name/Phone:  Mickey Parker   509-963-1275