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Enterprise Information System Committee

Executive Summary for Service Delivery

In our current environment, there is no centralized Service Delivery platform to align our information technology services with the needs of the business. Normally, a Service Delivery platform is used to establish integration with the organization's strategy, deliver value, and maintain a minimum level of service. In our case, it allows the institution to establish a baseline from which it can plan, implement, and measure improvements associated with its information services. Essentially, there is a clear need to implement a system where tickets, request for service, and incidents can be managed and controlled.
The need for this centralized Service Delivery platform is evident in that the university technology professionals currently rely on three disparate systems to provide services to our customers. None of these three systems communicate with one another, resulting in minimal information sharing between functional groups. Some functional groups rely solely on e-mail for communication while other groups use internal chat applications. It also does not allow for the establishment of Service Level Agreements and projecting of future needs.
With the iCAT project, we are introducing a large number of changes not only in our PeopleSoft environments but in all service processes. We are relying more and more on a single sign-on solution that will tie many of our separate information systems and services together. Not having an effective, centralized, and clearly defined Service Delivery solution in place will negatively impact all these efforts.
The need for a collaborative and centralized Service Delivery platform is driven primarily by:
1. Business Need: The success of many of our projects hinges on excellent Service Delivery and a strong support environment. Moving forward, this solution will become an integral part of all the services we provide.
2. Best Practices: The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) clearly stipulates a need for a deliberate and intentional approach to service deliver.
3. BerryDunn Report: The BerryDunn report clearly stipulates and directs improvement in customer service and Service Delivery.

Sponsoring Department(s):  Security Services Department    
Date of Business Case Preparation:    4/21/2014      
Contact Person Name/Phone:  Gene Shoda