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Enterprise Information System Committee

Executive Summary for Public Internet

Central Washington University has numerous visitors and guests visiting the University annually.  These guests include prospective students, their parents and relatives, conference attendees, visiting faculty, potential employees, business contacts and vendors, visiting athletes, alumni, potential donors, general public, and many more.  In today’s environment, these guests to the University need ubiquitous wireless Internet connectivity, as would be available at many retail locations, to stay connected, receive/send email, visit the web, and much more.  

CWU, as an institution of Higher Education, is governed by many regulations and acts which limit or prohibit our ability to provide open/public wifi which does not require the user to attain guest credentials.  However, other Internet Service Providers (ISP) can provide open/public wifi without many of the same restrictions, or they already have the technology deployed to meet the strict requirements of these regulations. 

As a result, CWU is looking to partner with a major/public ISP to provide open/public wifi across the University, while still meeting the regulatory requirements. 

Sponsoring Department(s):       President’s Office, Information Technology Services

Date of Business Case Preparation:           September 13, 2013

Contact Person Name/Phone:  Carmen A. Rahm (ext. 2925) or Noah Rodriguez (ext. 2934)