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Central Washington University requires a robust and standardized suite of communication, collaboration and office productivity tools for faculty, staff and students.   While CWU currently uses Novell GroupWise for email, calendaring and related services; CWU’s overall solutions do not meet current needs in the many ways, including the following:

  • CWU does not currently have a collaboration tool to facilitate document and file sharing/management among faculty, staff and students from any location.
  • CWU’s email service does not offer the feature rich and integrated solutions of other similar tools.
  • CWU does not provide the storage (both email and file/document) for faculty, staff and students offered by Microsoft Office 365; currently at 25Gig and 7Gig respectively. 

Microsoft Office 365 for Education is a subscription-based service for Higher Education which provides access to numerous Microsoft services and software.   MS Office 365 is offered in a tiered structure of five different plans, with increasing services and functions, and escalating subscription prices.   The first 3 plans (Exchange Online, Plan A1 and Plan A2) are free to Higher Education faculty, staff and students.   A brief description of the services offered in each of these plans is provided in Section 4 of this Business Case. 

After extended evaluation, the Washington Higher Education Technology Consortium (WHETC) has selected MS Office 365 as the recommended suite of communication and productivity tools for Higher Education in Washington State.  By licensing and deploying Microsoft Office 365, CWU will not only be able to address the issues identified above, but it will also position CWU for other benefits and requirements for the future, via licensing of Plans A3 and A4.

Since the migration to any cloud based service can be involved and expensive, CWU consulted with Lilien System, Inc.   Lilien has provided a draft Statement of Work (SOW), which is attached to this Business Case. 

Sponsoring Department(s): Information Services (IS) Department

Date of Business Case Preparation:  Submitted to Enterprise Team May 6, 2013

Contact Person Name/Phone:  Gene Shoda, AVP-IT/509-962-2333

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