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Enterprise Information System Committee

Executive Summary for Document Imaging Solution

This request is to approve the implementation of Perceptive Software which is a digital imaging solution that can be deployed to support the business processes of the university.  Perceptive Software can be deployed across various platforms and software to improve work-flow efficiencies, secure documents from unauthorized access and meet document archival requirements.  This includes the CWU PeopleSoft Systems (Human Resources, Financials and Student Administration) and other departmental software systems.  The Perceptive imaging software can be implemented in almost any area of the university that handles documents, which would give us flexibility to expand to administrative offices.   

Perceptive Software can be used to capture, store and secure; paper documents, faxes, email, and other digital files (i.e. PDF, GIF, DOC).  The integrity of the original file would be maintained and any edits or changes can be tracked without altering the original file.  The files will be secured on our network servers and only accessible by authorized users.  Perceptive provides flexible security tools that can be used to create security structure to meet the requirements of the organization.  They also have a work-flow process outside of the PeopleSoft systems that can be used by any department to improve their document handling.  They also have tools that can eliminate the need for any paper documents, for example E-forms.  E-forms can be deployed through the web and routed through an approval process, such as a change of class request, or a suspension petition. 

Perceptive Software would provide us with a tool that we can use to mitigate the risk of lost, damaged and stolen documents that contain person identifiable information that could be used for identify theft.  Currently the Financial Aid office lacks the capability to properly secure the financial aid student documents that are collected and required for verification of financial aid eligibility.  We are required to restrict and secure the accessibility of the files and our filing cabinets and storage rooms do not meet the requirement of restricting access and protecting the documents from damage.  Any unauthorized access would be a violation of FERPA which we would be held liable for any miss us of the information that is contained in the documents.  Also, the lack of a secure document system would impede us from being certified under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI Compliance).   The PCI compliance is required for us to be authorized to receive payments via credit cards. 

An added benefit of imaging is the opportunity to improve our system process and create efficiencies that would improve the service we provide to our customers.  For example, currently for Financial Aid students submit their documents via mail, fax or email, we then print (if electronic) and save in a physical folder for review.  With imaging, students will be able to scan and upload the file to their account, therefore eliminating the risk of misplacing documents.  The digital documents would be available immediately to all the counselors and therefore improve the time it takes to review files for awarding.  This is also very important to our student support model which includes staff at the CWU centers, the digital files would be accessible from any campus and therefore the counselors will be able to respond to student inquiries from any location.