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Enterprise Information System Committee

Executive Summary for Data Warehouse

A Request For Proposal (RFP) has been promulgated for the purpose of developing a university-wide data warehousing solution or what is being internally referred to as The Central Information Solution (ThCIS pronounced thesis), which will produce “The Only Version of the Truth” for the purposes of external reporting and internal continuous improvement. The vision is to make Organizational Effectiveness the “go to” place for fast, accurate, and reliable university information.  The warehouse objective is to design and implement three relational data-marts. The solution is based on Microsoft Business Intelligence and will interface with our current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (PeopleSoft v9.2), which will be implemented January 2014.  The deliverable warehouse should include relational data marts that will include the following subjects:

  1.  Student
  2.  Faculty/Staff 
  3.  Financial management

The data marts will be built using a consultant lead/collaborative approach with four professional staff of Organizational Effectiveness (OE) who have been assigned to work along side the consultants throughout the project to ensure seamless knowledge transfer and ownership and encompass areas such as:

  1.  Multiple source data extractions
  2.  Staging data
  3.  State and Federal reporting requirements
  4.  Designing comparative and predictive analytics
  5.  Producing dashboards with designated Knowledge Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will be used by multiple audiences.

It is expected that the winning consulting firm will provide a highly qualified and experience on-site project manager along with appropriately skilled and experienced architects and developers.

Sponsoring Department(s):  Organizational Effectiveness     

Date of Business Case Preparation:  9/30/13       

Contact Person Name/Phone:  Jim DePaepe / 2403


Posted 11-2013