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Enterprise Information System Committee


The curriculum management system currently used at CWU is a manual/paper-based system. The Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee and the Provost Office has been discussing for at least five years the need for an electronic curriculum management system.

The advent of a Director of Academic Planning position (a position developed jointly by the Provost Office and Faculty Senate), and the emphasis placed on the streamlining and technology efficiencies of an electronic curriculum management system by both Provost Levine and the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, makes this business case analysis timely and necessary.

The main weaknesses of our current system include: (1) Paper copies get lost, (2) originators are unable to track progress of curriculum proposals, (3) curriculum changes in one department that change curriculum in other departments is unclear to originators, (4) Registrar Services has to hand check every curriculum proposal for errors, and (5) this “system” is not integrated with our electronic catalog system, Acalog.

Purchasing Curriculog from Digital Architecture will bring many benefits to CWU, including: (1) Direct integration with Acalog, Curriculog, and People Soft, (2) automatic development of curricular work processes to alleviate curricular problems that occur across departments , (3) Curriculog generates a “curriculum log” for CWU that includes links to all curriculum proposal forms, (4) Curriculog allows for electronic signatures, and (5) Curriculog allows for course and program learner outcomes for assessment and accreditation purposes.

Competitors do exist for Curriculog; however, to integrate catalog, curriculum, and People Soft, we need catalog and curriculum software from the same vendor. Purchasing a curriculum system from a vendor other than Digital Architecture will require the purchasing and developing of a new catalog system as well.

The first year cost of Curriculog is $71,442; annual costs are $12,402.

Sponsoring Department(s):       Academic Planning

Contact Person: Lori Braunstein

Date of Business Case Preparation:           12/6/12 – 12/17/12