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Enterprise Information System Committee

Executive Summary for Canvas

Central Washington University requires a state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS) to meet the teaching and learning needs of faculty and students increasingly engaged with instructional technologies for multimodal learning in the classroom and online. Our current Blackboard LMS, while functional, is a first-generation platform that has added functionality by accretion rather than by design and has become overly complex and no longer user-friendly. Canvas offers a next-generation learning management system optimized for Web 2.0 applications, with an intuitive interface and navigation, in a cloud-based software as a service environment. The State Board of Community and Technical Colleges has adopted Canvas on a state-wide basis for all their institutions and the majority of universities in Washington State have also elected to migrate to Canvas. CWU has the opportunity to join this state-wide consortium of Canvas institutions, which will provide students with more seamless technology transfer from community colleges to CWU and a network of peer institutions using Canvas to share knowledge, expertise, and purchasing power.

Sponsoring Department(s): Multimodal Learning

Date of Business Case Preparation: 1 October 2013

Contact Person Name/Phone: Christopher Schedler, Director, Multimodal Learning/x1357