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Enterprise Information System Committee

Executive Summary For Adobe ELA Software

Update: This has been implemented campuswide. 

Adobe Software is utilized throughout the business and educational world.  Two of the major Adobe products used are Adobe Acrobat and a suite of tools within Adobe Creative Suite (ACS).   Students are coming to Central Washington University from High Schools and Community Colleges where they utilize the most current versions of these products (i.e. Adobe Create Suite VI).  Unfortunately, at CWU, these students do not have access to the latest versions.   Of nearly 700 computers in CWU’s Classrooms/Open Labs, less than 300 are equipped with Adobe Creative Suite … and instead of Version VI, these classrooms are equipped with older versions (III, IV and V).  Several huge issues are apparent:

  1. CWU students are not using the most current versions of this important software
  2. Since less than ½ of the Classrooms/Labs have the software, student are often unable to access a classroom/lab with Adobe Creative Suite loaded.
  3. Scheduling of classrooms by the Registrar’s Office often results in classes requiring ACS being scheduled in rooms where the software is not available. 
  4. Since ACS is used by more and more departments for their instruction, individual departments do not feel that they should pay for expensive software that supports programs across the University.  
  5. Deployment of individual licensing is costly to the departments, and is the most inefficient model for ITS deployment of the software. 

Adobe has recently developed a software licensing model called the Adobe Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) that provides huge benefit to CWU.   It provides for Adobe Acrobat Professional on every computer on campus, and ACS on a portion of the computers determined by the University.   CWU would benefit from ACS on approximately 800 to 1,000 computers.  This proposal is to provide funding and support to transition CWU’s licensing for Adobe Acrobat and ACS from individual licensing, to a centrally funded ELA.  

Sponsoring Department(s):   Every department on campus will benefit from this ELA, as Adobe Acrobat Professional will be loaded on every computer as part of the standard software image provided by ITS.  Currently, the major users of ACS include many departments in the College of Arts & Humanities (CAH), Information Technology and Administrative Management (ITAM), and many others including Public Relations & Marketing, Enrollment Management, Student Success, etc.

Date of Business Case Preparation:  October 12, 2012

Contact Person Name/Phone:  Since this is a campus-wide benefit, and the proposal is to centrally manage Adobe Acrobat and ACS within the IS Department, the primary contacts: Mr. Gene Shoda (IS),  Phone: 509-962-2777, Marji Morgan (Dean of College of Arts and Humanities), Phone:  509-963-1851, Gregg Schlanger (Chair of Art Department), Phone:  509-963-2665.

Updated: 12-2013

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