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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 7-7-2014

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Agenda
(Monday) July 7th, 2014
9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Barge 410

Business Case(s):
  • Workamajig presented by Jesse Days. Public Affairs is in need of an electronic project organization system to cut down paper used and to be more efficient and affective. The PA team looked at TeamDynamix, but unfortunately all of the designers work on Macs and TeamDynamix does not support Mac. Also, TeamDynamix works out of the Cloud, which means they have to download and re-upload when they want to work on a project, which would take too much time. Workamajig was chosen because it is network based and it would communicate with the CWU system to automatically update as changes are made. The system could be up and all staff trained by the end of August, ready to start the next academic year. There is a minor cost, relative to other options, and the funding is secure. Case was approved to move forward.
  • CampusClarity presented by Andrea Easlick. The Wellness Center needs a new system for curriculum and tracking for new students coming into the university and taking Drug, Alcohol and Sexual Violence courses. To stay in compliance with new regulations an update to their current system is required and CampusClarity provides what they currently have as well as the new requirements all in one system, including better curriculum. They can run reports from student responses to the curriculum, surveys, and know which students have completed the curriculum, but there is no tie from specific students to their responses. Funding for this project is already secured in the Wellness Center budget. Project was approved to move forward.
  • Dedicated Computer Lab presented by Chet Claar. The ITAM department has grown a lot and last year they added a Cyber Security minor. Due to the influx of students they do not have adequate space to provide for students. After looking into the needs of the program and all the space in Shaw, lab 214 was chosen. That lab has access to the wiring closet, when running these labs we want the ability to separate them from our network due to the type of work they are doing. The lab is currently a general lab that is occasionally used for classes all in the ITAM department and scheduling could be figured out in house. Funding for the project is secured through the ITAM department. We will send this on with our approval to the Provost for further approval and full disclosure. 
Discussion Topic:
  • Discussed the 25Live project to clarify who owns the project and how it will all play out with the different FMD systems. Need to resolve the X25 piece of the system.
Sub Council Updates to ET:
  • ATAC – Meeting today
  • Non-Academic – No Update

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