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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 5-4-2015

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Agenda

Monday, May 4th, 2015

9:00-10:30 am, Bouillon 211



Business Case(s):
Strategic Planning Online (SPOL)

  • Jim shared the SPOL business case.
  • This is something that is needed will be helpful with the new RCM model that we are using.
  • The availability of project management needs to be discussed. There is some concern that the timeline from the president and Jim is not going to work for PM availability from the IS side. From the sounds of it the president may be looking to get an outside PM for this project.
  • How will this work with the new CatPlan system that we are implementing? Joel thinks there could be a lot of integrations here, because he is not sure Hyperion’s system past CatPlan will work well for us, but this system sounds like it could work well. This is a big point for a PM, to make sure that this would integrate well and to do “discovery”.
  • Transfer annual licensing fee to IS.
  • This will be a TeamDynamix project.
  • Approved by the EISC with no abstentions or oppositions.


PCI 3.0

  • Joel presented the PCI business case as the sponsor of the project.
  • We have until December 31st to be compliant. We would like to be compliant with 3.0 by November.
  • The 2.0 lift was very big, 3.0 will be much lighter, but it was noted was that PM services would have made things go better. This time around they would like to contract PM services to help with organization.
  • This is not through a vendor, it is internal. A vendor is used for penetration testing, to have an outside group check out compliance and security. CampusGuard is the outside penetration testing vendor.
  • Approved by the EISC with no abstention or oppositions.


Discussion Topic:

  • Business Case template review
    • There were some updates to the business case template (BCT) due to a business case that had some great details that we would like to use for all business cases.
    • Reviewed the updates to the BCT.
    • Concern with the “reviewed by” section. What would be the purpose of EISC? The review process is just for information and to check out systems. We already do this, but we need to make sure we are not slowing down the process unnecessarily.
    • Consensus is that we will use the business case rubric for scoring then the results will be tallied.


  • Campus wide technology purchases
    • Andreas shared that all tech purchases have been required by Purchasing that technology purchases come to IS for approval.
    • This process needs to be looked at and adjusted. Wants to get the EISC’s thoughts and suggestions.
    • Andreas will ask Stuart to come in to talk about the process and what the requirements are for this process and why.
  • Student Village wireless update
    • Student Tech Fee Council has approved the wireless for Student Village.
    • This will take place during the summer. By the end of summer we will be 99% covered, with just a couple small dark spots. It will show on the project list next week.
  • Policy updates
    • Portrait
      • Outlook picture, this policy was put together regarding this.
      • Canvas and TeamDynamix also have this capability, but cannot be turned off.
      • There was request to link this to connection card picture.
      • This could also be used as an identity verification process for the campus.
      • The committee decided to leave outlook pictures closed, leave the policy open and look at this as a larger project of “identity management”.
    • Project Management
      • Ginger shared the PMO Policy.
      • Still in an early draft, this was just an opportunity to share with the EISC.
      • Discussed some of the wording in the summary.
      • The committee would like to take this back and look at it from an Enterprise perspective as opposed to an individual department.
    • Central Learning Academy
      • They are revising their policy. We do not have it ready yet, this will be put on hold until next time.




  • Project Management – (15 min)
    • Wildcat shop – There are negotiations going on currently, they are not ready to move forward, so they moved the timeline out.


  • ATAC - (5 min)
    • Chris shared the ATAC update.


  • BTAC - (5 min)
    • BTAC has not met
    • Andreas would like to talk on this more, but due to lack of time we will discuss it next time.
  • Student Tech Fee – (5 min)
    • Andreas presented Student Tech Fee update and budget.
    • 6-10% reserve funds is good to maintain and this will be recommended to the council.

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