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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 4-6-2015

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Minutes
Monday, April 6, 2015
9:00-10:30 am, Bouillon 211

Business Case(s):
None at the time
Discussion Topic:
  • Business case template additions
    • Addition of “PEST Analysis” to add detail to the business case, often times people just copy and paste the strategic plan as the impact of the business case, but there needs to be more detail on the how specifically it will impact the university.
      • Instead of just PEST we could just give more definition and options under Strategic. Alignment. There is a need for more information, but we have not been very consistent with making sure this area is done well.
      • Provide linkage to technology and other specific themes that it needs to be in alignment with.
    • Ongoing ownership of product.
      • Breaking down ownership/responsibilities of the project.
      • Listing out service level agreement.
      • Andreas and Chris will work on the language of this section to make it clear, to present next meeting.
    • Adding Security
      • Could this go under #9 as opposed to being its own section?
      • This will be moved to section 9.
    • Resource loading chart
      • What is this? Reword to make more understandable.
      • Admin examples? Training support?
    • Edit the Non-Academic to BTAC.
    • Sending a final document to customers giving reasons and intention for the approval with a list of contacts for their next steps in their project without PM services.
    • Rubric will be attached now.
  • Student Technology-Fee Council (STFC) Budget and Spending Plan
    • How can we bridge the gap between STFC and EISC? Can we give them guidance to make sure we are not going different directions?
    • Andreas can bring an update to EISC from STFC monthly so that EISC is informed.
    • Add STFC as a permanent update.
    • Be aware of WAC and RCW processes
    • Currently discussing cap on incidental funding and multi-year funding.
    • Students see Stud Vill. as a necessary update. Invite Student Success into a conversation with STFC regarding wifi.
  • EISC Policy Update Status
    • Went in front of UPAC with the EISC policy and there are some recommendations and points of clarification.
    • Once changes are made the policy will be brought back here for approval and then we will bring it back to UPAC.
  • iCAT ROI Discussion
    • Once we wrap up the iCAT projects we would like to go back and see how we have done.
    • EICS was responsible for many of the projects so we are a good fit to drive this.
    • Set up a meeting with Ginger and Andreas to discuss ROI and the initial goal of the project.


  • Project Management
    • Update on the wireless, 2 more building done over spring break, Black and Farrell.
    • Requested to look at hot spot map, being updated currently.
    • 25live vendor has been chosen.
    • Recruiting solutions has chosen a vendor.
    • CLA has 4 groups and Mulitmodal will be doing usability testing.
  • ATAC
    • No meeting since last EISC meeting. They will be a meeting today.
    • Task force updates
      • Clicker task forces will send out a survey to students and faculty regarding their experience.
      • Proctoring task force will send out a survey about desires for different proctoring desires, in class, distance, etc.
      • DE/ITV reconvene task force to look at various solutions to replace ITV and bring in consultants to look at solutions.
      • MediaAmp video portal has been signed off on and there will be a meeting to get this moving
      • One business case, it will be an info update to EISC.
  • BTAC
    • Request to add parent info into PeopleSoft for recruitment contact. Currently working with Jill on this.

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