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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 4-20-2015

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Minutes
Monday, April 20, 2015
9:00-10:30 am, Bouillon 211

Business Case(s):

None at this time.

Discussion Topics:

Chart of Accounts update – Gene Shoda


  • Gene is taking over as the Project Manager for CoA. He gave and update on the current schedule and adjustments that will be made as we move forward.
  • Still assessing if the current schedule is able to be completed on time.
  • The team has done a great job, but we are anticipating problems just because of the size and overall detail of the job.
  • Reviewed what we are behind schedule on. It is very manageable at this time, so we will need to stay on top of that to ensure that it stays manageable.
  • The team will be keeping an eye and ear out for any push back or issues that people are having to be able to assist them in any way we can.
  • The focus is TestMove.

Recruiting Solutions update – Sue Noce


  • Sue gave an update on the Recruiting Solutions update.
  • The funding that was allocated for the consultants has to be used by end of fiscal year, June 30.
  • They are proposing that we bring in the consultants in May and June.
  • Some of the biggest risks are our resource availability, consultant availability, and do we have the expertise we need later on in the project.
  • The committee discussed time schedule and resource availability, getting Joy Corbett more involved with a consultant and taking some of the weight off of the IS staff.

Information Security update – Andreas Bohman


  • Did a presentation to the PAT and wanted to share that information with EISC.
  • People are oversharing confidential data and information. This is a big security risk.
  • Data Loss Prevention is being able to filter information for specific information, if it is noticed by the system Security Services is notified.
  • As this system has been set up Security is getting notified about 100+ times per week. Some of it is legitimate, like communicating information to students and there is a way they send that out to protect the students, but there is still a lot of information that is going out in an unsafe way.
  • No nefarious activity noted, but it is staff, faculty and students sending their own information that they are unaware is unsafe. Training is going to be a big deal in helping with this.
  • Monitoring and addressing these emails and issues as they arise. There is no blocking at this time.
  • Reminder to staff that they should be careful with what they are sending via email.

Data Masking update – Andreas Bohman


  • Andreas updated EISC on the Data Masking Project.
  • The cost for this project is growing and the implementation is not going quite as they had thought and there are some costs that are being recommended by the implementation team. True-up costs in particular.
  • They will be doing an ROI on the business decision with moving forward
  • This will be on the agenda for 2 weeks from now.



Project Management – (15 min)

Ginger presented the update for Project Management.
There was a change request put in for Central Learning Academy that was signed off this morning. We were missing some content that we thought we had, but we could not find the content we were looking for, so there is a request out to get that amended. There is a $9,000 increase which is being covered by IS.
Are all projects, whether small, medium or large, going to be tracked on the Project list? Yes.

ATAC - (5 min)

Chris updated about ATAC.
The Provost requested a task force regarding e-textbooks.
There was a business case for the counseling clinic to replace a system they have been sharing with the medical clinic and it is not a good fit for counseling. This is also going to be a reduced cost for them in licensing. Asked them to look at how this will affect the other sites connected with the university.
The committee discussed whether projects that are not managed by PM, but come through ATAC/BTAC should be placed on the projects list. There is a consensus that we need to do a better job of tracking and making sure projects are completed even if we do not manage them actively.

BTAC - (5 min)

No update from BTAC.

Student Tech Fee - (5 min)

Andreas updated the committee on Student Tech Fee. The budget is looking good and the students are on track with the funding and spending well.
Student Village Wifi was approved through STFC.


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