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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 3-2-2015

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Agenda
(Monday) March 2, 2015
9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Bouillon 211

Business Case(s):
Discussion Topic:
  • The Professional Development Policy and Procedure was not discussed.
  • Linda Schactler and Jesse Days shared with the committee more of what Drupal can do for us as a campus. This started a conversation about creating a list of the various systems and capabilities that already exist on campus. Ginger will work on this task so that as new requests come in we have a place to look and see if we already have a system for each request. This will cut down on redundancy and spending more money than necessary.
  • Ginger gave an update on what happened with the Pitney Bowes business case and why it was cancelled.
  • The committee reviewed the operating procedure to be posted on the EISC web page. The procedure was approved to be posted on the web page.
  • The committee reviewed the policy to be turned in to UPAC for review. There are a couple of minor changes to formatting and wording and then the policy is ready to be sent to UPAC.
  • Project Management – Ginger gave an update on current projects that are in the queue and where they are at in the process.
  • ATAC – Chris gave an update on the last 2 meetings that ATAC held and what has gone through the sub-council. A new chair has been appointed to ATAC, Josh Welsh will be taking over as chair for Chris per the procedural guideline of an annually rotating chair.
  • BTAC – Joel gave and update on the last meeting BTAC held and the approved case that went through as well as what is coming up.

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