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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 3-16-2015

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Agenda
Monday, March 16th, 2015
9:00 am – 10:30 am, Bouillon 211

Business Case(s):
Vicki Sannuto presented the business case for Career Services. The current system that they use for most of their work with students and outside employers. The company that they were working with was bought out by this current company. This one had the most to offer for both the staff, students and employers. The committee suggested turning on all functionalities of the system, if it costs more it was suggested that we could find more funding in the University. Phase 2 of this project will need PM and they will need to connect with OE for data purposes. Career Services was approved to move forward with their business case.
Discussion Topic:
  • Ginger gave an update on the PMO and their current projects. 3 groups have come through PM that actually did not need to do a business case because we already had the ability to do what they needed and they were quickly connected with those systems which utilized enterprise systems and saved those departments money. Some of the projects have multiple lines for RFP/RFQ vs the actual project to add transparency. The committee would like a list of what buildings have been completed for wireless and what buildings are scheduled for the future. Ginger will send this out. They would also like a “hot spot” map of the buildings and places on campus with the most wireless usage. Ginger will add Document Imaging and MediaAmp Video Portal as place holder on the project list.

  • ATAC – Chris gave the update for ATAC. There are 2 clicker systems and they are planning to have faculty test out both systems and try to come to a consensus on one system to use. Both systems have pros and cons, so it is thought that it will come down to integration with Canvas, mobile app, and cloud-based services. Previewed the new student dashboard, everyone was very impressed with that. Vendors have different recommended browsers, they would like to pull together a list of recommended browsers and try to centralize this across campus. Send this discussion to IS to begin looking at this.
  • BTAC – No update from Joel, they have not met since the last EISC meeting. CatPlan is moving forward. Moving out of test in to production to keep the flow moving. The project  is on track and doing well.

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