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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 2-3-2014

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Minutes
(Monday) February 3, 2014

Business Case(s):

Andreas Bohman presented the Service Delivery (Ticketing Solution) business case. It was recommended that the business case be deferred at this time after discussion regarding implementing more of the current module before purchasing further with this company. Gene Shoda will oversee the project portion of the TeamDynamix program and report back at the next meeting. Project Portfolio Management should allow us to make decisions about current and future projects and resources allocated or available if it is populated.

Discussion Topic:

Gene Shoda gave an update on IS business cases.
• Open WiFi is out for bid, but new information may change the scope of the project. CWU may be able to do the project in house instead of outsourcing and they are currently looking in to the regulations.
• Mobile App is being worked on.  The current Mobile App is owned by blackboard. CWU may develop an app internally or they may look at using other services such as HighPoint.

Sub Council Updates to ET:

ATAC –Discussed online course codes and fees. Student technology fees, ITV CD course fees.

Non-Academic – Newest concept/idea request was for the training calendar to appear on MyCWU site. It was discussed that MyCWU is not to be populated with readily available webpage items but perhaps a choice for users to display the calendars they choose. Non-Academic has prioritized their list of requested projects. It was discussed that they begin tracking them in TeamDynamix.