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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 2-2-2015

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Minutes
(Monday) February 2, 2015
9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Science 301

Business Case(s):
Discussion Topic:
  • Andreas explained the Student Tech Fee Council and shared about tech fee requests. If there are updates and projects that directly affect students they can be funded by this group if approved. Discussed potential need for a different funding source for recurring costs vs. ad hoc costs. Andreas explained where the council was at and the things that he is hoping to have them address.
  • Andreas introduced the topic of initiatives vs. projects. Business cases that go through ATAC and BTAC are offered some Project Management (PM) services and all cases that go through EISC require PM services. Tickets through TeamDynamix are on the low end of just fixes and quick adjustments. In between these two classifications are some other types of work that are smaller in scale, but could benefit from PM services. These are not big projects that require a lot of attention, but keep the stakeholder up to date and making sure tasks are being completed. Some of the criteria suggested is 1-3 months in length and number of departments affected. With initiatives there are many moving pieces, but it does not need to go to EISC or a sub-council for approval. With initiatives PM services are more for IS internal purposes and to keep the client updated on initiative project. Andreas and Ginger will work on a definition for initiative and bring it back to EISC.
  • Adrian brought back the Document Imaging back as a discussion topic. This has now become a compliance issue for keeping safe and adequate records for the state. Discussed where the project was at when it was last reviewed, no RFP was initiated at that time. There was a contract through EWU that was thought to be adequate to tag on to, this contract would need to be looked into again to see if it is still okay. For 4 areas of deployment it was about $1.2 million, breaking it down into pieces and starting with Student Financials would be approximately $375k. The EISC decided to bring this business case back for a second review. Adrian will have this case ready and prepared by the next EISC meeting on March 2nd.
  • Andreas updated the committee on the new cost associated with the TeamDynamix expansion in an effort to make it an enterprise solution.
  • No EISC Policy and Procedure review at this time.
  • ATAC – Chris Schedler gave an update regarding this council.
  • BTAC – Joel Klucking gave an update regarding this council.

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