Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 11-18-2013

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Minutes

(Monday) November 18, 2013

9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Barge 410

Discussion Topic:

Sherer reported that the cabinet was impressed with the business cases. Minimal questions. Funding was committed as listed. Two cases were to be considered again in January after reviewing funding. Microsoft 365 being looked at in 2015. Novell expires in October. May or may not have to renew Novell.  Document Imaging is planned for 2015 start date, will be implemented in stages through 2016, 2017, 2018.  George will be building into the budget the approved amounts for the business cases. Quarterly reports to the cabinet will keep information flowing, recommended to continue presenting reports to the cabinet.

  • Put executive summary page on the website.


Enhancements are not yet being considered but we need a list of what is out there. Enhancing student recruitment is going forward with overtime hours in IS. Pagelet for Raisor's Edge Report is being requested. Information services will be postponing some updates and fixes before go live, so after go live they will still have work to catch up on. Let requests come through to EISC at this time. None will be scheduled until thirty days after go live. Project management will follow those requests.

Procedure for requesting enhancements: Sub committees approve the request, eisc approves and recommends prioritization for scheduled work. Work list, summary list. Establish a Que that has list of work and resources required. We don't have CWU set definitions yet of what is an enhancement, update, project, etc. Project Management Office has definitions, will add to the webpage.

  • Put on EISC webpage the definitions of what is enhancement, project, etc.


Some organizations have change boards that would keep the operational updates or changes requested at the lower level, unless it affects the larger scope of the university. There is a change board being created for CWU, this may affect future flow of requests.

MediaAmp (funding after the 1st Year) was found to be coming from the Enterprise Account, George would be the contact.

Tina Short reported on Task Forces:

Enterprise survey tool task force met. Decided on chair for task force. Agreed that Qualtrics is best product. Post on central today. Link on EISC. Funding paid out of division 30, George's budget, OE will take ownership long term for some control. Not a lot of controls on the site. No policy needed at this time, maybe some rules of use need to be developed.

Computer lab task force. Meeting again December 3. Will continue gathering data and information until April. Survey will collect information and be able to present findings and recommendations after spring quarter. Who uses, why they use. Will be looking at other institutions and their solutions.

Distance education task force will be meeting for the first time soon.

Task force purpose is to take an issue and make recommendation back to ATAC. Not an implementing group.


Business Case(s):

Recommendation for expanding Team Dynamix will be presented at future meeting.


Sub Council Updates to ET:

ATAC will meet today.

Non-academic  will met Thursday.  Connie will start on plan for implementing document imaging, sectioning cost and timeline.

  • Send implementation plan to Sherer by March.


Future Topics:

  • Security Policy and Procedure will still be coming forward in the future from Andreas Bohman
  • Hardware needs for Time and Labor – Are still being considered


 Enterprise Information Systems Committee Minutes – November 18, 2013