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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 11-17-2014

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Minutes
(Monday) November 17th, 2014
9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Bouillon 211

Business Case(s):
None at this time
Discussion Topic:
  • Discussed the EISC Membership and Policy. Andreas reviewed the changes made to the membership from the last meeting and updated the committee on where we are at in the process of filling the new and adjusted committee roles. Andreas, Joel and Chris met earlier in the week to discuss definitions and responsibility of the sub-committees and Andreas shared those definitions with the committee and the reporting departments for the councils. Non-ATAC is now going to be called Business Technology Advisory Council (BTAC) and ATAC will remain the same. The group discussed the approval process and how we can standardize approvals to give a clear understanding to those bringing cases to the committee what is expected. While discussing the approval process it was brought up that we have at least one business case that has been put on the back burner to funding that needs to be brought up before we commit to funding other projects that come up.
  • Ginger McIntosh shared business case updates and what cases are on their way up to the councils and committees. We will be working to make updates to the website to add when a project is completed.
  • The committee discussed the current conflict with digital signage and the TV screens going up around campus. Who is installing them? Where are they coming from? Who is doing the work? A digital signage policy needs to be written. The signage committee needs to be modified to include digital signage and should be tasked with creating a policy for the university.
  • Project Management – the committee reviewed that current projects on the TeamDynamix queue. Gene Shoda gave status updates on the different projects.
  • ATAC – Chris Schedler gave an update for ATAC.
  • BTAC – Joel Klucking gave an update for BTAC.

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