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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 10-20-2014

Enterprise Information Systems Committee
(Monday) October 20th, 2014
9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Barge 412

Discussion Topic:
  • Media Amp – Chris Schedler presented an update on Media Amp and where they are currently at on the project. There is a onetime $212,000 fee and a $156,000 annual fee that are still unaccounted for. Funds will be moved to IS to cover this amount for the Video Web Portal Service.
  • SkillSoft – Edna was absent from the meeting, there was no update on this. This will be addressed at the next EISC meeting.
  • 25Live – Ginger McIntosh presented the most recent update for this project. $27,000 is still unfunded for this project, but will be coming from the Provost.
  • EISC Membership – Steve DeSoer moved to make the addition of a student representative to the EISC voting members. This motion was approved. Steve also moved to have the Chair duties to be shifted to Andreas Bohman beginning November 1st, as he will be the new CIO for the University. This motion was approved.

  • Project Management – Gene Shoda took the committee through a review of TeamDynamix projects and their current status’s. Regarding the Wireless updates on Campus, it was suggested that a list of completed buildings along with buildings to be completed in the near future be sent out to the University community.
  • ATAC – No update
  • Non-Academic – No update

Business Case(s):
  • EAB Student Success Collaborative – Sarah Swager presented this business case to the committee. All data for this system would come from the Data Warehouse put together by OE, the concern with this is that once we had this information over to the vendor, we will no longer own it. There were questions about doing this same work in house through OE. The EAB case was no approved because the committee would like an RFP from OE about how much time and money it would take to complete this project through them. Once more information is obtained this project will be revisited for further discussion.

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