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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 10-14-2013

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Minutes
(Monday) October 14, 2013

Discussion Topic:

Business Case Approval Prioritization Matrix Form – Sherer stated that these are the forms you will complete and bring to the meeting on the 28th to discuss. There is no weight formula on these forms.

  • Stevan DeSoer suggests Leverage Potential be Client Service. He suggests replacing it with something that rates the ability for the institution to actually do the project considering the requested time frame. 0 equals “Highly Questionable”, 3 equals “Partial Completion” (needs substantial additional resources), 6 equals “Substantial Completion” (needs some additional resources) , 9 equals “Complete” (without additional resources).
  • Connie Williams and Andreas Bohman mentioned concern of some important cases not scoring highly in one category, causing a low ranking even though it may be of importance or high risk.
  • Added a column, Required System/Service
  • Committee was asked to send recommendations for changes to Ginger by October 15th.

Discussion of the EISC presenting their business case recommendations to the Cabinet along with a listing of previously approved business cases.

Business Case(s):

Christopher Schedler presented the Canvas Business Case. ATAC has approved. Decision to move to new program was explained with key point being that colleges that we partner with are converting to Canvas. Funding is provided by the Multimodal Learning Department. EISC approves the Canvas Business Case.

Noah Rodriguez presented the Microsoft 365 Business Case. Central Washington University will be changing as Novell is less supported in the future. This product is recommended, broken down into phases. Components included in this case will also be presented a separate business cases for solutions to other issues. EISC approves the business case to be added in their recommendations to the CWU Cabinet.

Andreas Bohman presented the Network Security Business Case. This is best business practice and is required for compliance, (ie. HIPA and PCI Compliance). EISC approves the business case to be added in their recommendations to the CWU Cabinet.

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Minutes –October 14, 2013

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