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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 1-6-2014

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Minutes
(Monday) January 6, 2014

Business Case(s):

Steve Stein and Gene Shoda presented the business case for Interactive Projection Systems business case.  Interactive projection systems for Teaching Elementary, Adolescent and Young Children (TEACH), Language Literacy and Special Education (LLSE), Educational Foundations and Curriculum (EFC),  is considered an enterprise effort. Using interactive projection systems is integrated into teaching, and a must have skill for our K through 12 teachers. CWU students need this skill. This is just a start on what is needed to have CWU be state of the art with their teacher classrooms. $ 23,000 cost with unfunded amount of about $ 8,000.

• Funded portion of the business case was approved by EISC.

• EISC recommend Steve take business case to Center for Teaching and Learning board and ask the three deans to pay $3000 each for the unfunded portion.

• Steve will present to ATAC four weeks from now, a plan for the centers.  It was mentioned that there needs to be discussion from Tracy Pellet'ss office with the centers to be sure they have necessary equipment and review of the original agreements with those centers.

Discussion Topic:

EISC recommended changing the business case template:

• For future business Cases, add a line for approval of deans or department heads, if they can't provide funding, then have explanation of why not.
• Add spot for PID information as well.

Sub Council Updates to ET:

ATAC –Update provided by Chris Schedler. iTunes University is being moved to MediaAmp and iTunes University is being retired. Bpress and Curriculog are progressing.

Non-Academic – Update provided by Tina Short. Concept/Idea prioritization list was updated.

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