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College of Education and Professional Studies

Former NEHS graduate students that have recently completed Ph.D.

  • Jared Dickenson (Ph.D., Ball State University) post-doctoral researcher
    • University of Texas Medical School Recent research on muscle protein metabolism at the Experimental Biology Conference in Washington D.C. (April, 2011). Fours papers presented:
      • High levels of leucine are required for the upregulation of amino acids transporters in human skeletal muscle following essential amino acid ingestion (first author)
      • Isolated pharmacological vasodilation does not stimulate skeletal muscle protein synthesis in healthy older adults (co-author)
      • Skeletal muscle satellite cell content following acute resistance exercise with or without essential amino acid ingestion in young adults. (co-author)
      • BFR exercise increases S6K1 phosphorylation in type-I and type-II skeletal muscle fibers (co-author)
  • Matt Garver (Ph.D. The Ohio State University) and has secured a job in higher education.
  • Leland Nielsen (Ph.D. in Vascular Biology - University of Georgia) and has secured a job in higher education.

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