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Educational Foundations and Curriculum

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Welcome to the homepage for the Department of Educational Foundations and Curriculum at Central Washington University.

Here you will find information regarding the field experiences of Pre-Autumn and Student Teaching. On this page there are various resources for students (from the Pre-Autumn and Student Teaching applications to placement area maps to Educational Service District information), University Field Supervisors (including everything from electronic forms to handbooks to LiveText information), and public school employees (from an explanation of Continuing Education Credits to an electronic ‘Request a Student Teacher’ form).

Should you have further questions once you have perused these pages, please contact the Department of Educational Foundations and Curriculum.

Governor Jay Inslee and his wife, Trudi, take time to speak with CWU's Yakima Center teacher candidates on October 29, 2013. He reiterated his support for teachers and schools, highlighting the teachers in his own family. He shook each one of their hands, and congratulated them on their choice to be teachers. He later added on his facebook page, "I'm glad I could thank them for the hard work they're doing, and the hard work they will continue to do.