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Educational Technology Center

What We Have


Multimedia Production Lab

Production Center

The Production Center provides access to a variety of equipment useful for the production of instructional materials including laminating, dry mounting, binding, die cut system, photocopying, etc.

Multimedia Production Center

The Multimedia Production Center provides access to a number of different multimedia stations including an analog/digital video editing station, an audio production station, a desktop publishing station, a 35mm slide and 11X17 inch page scanning station, a CD-ROM preview station, and a CD burning station.

Training Console Center

The Training Console Center consists of a presentation console system identical to the 19 other systems available in Black Hall. Staff provides instruction and practice for faculty and students on the use of the presentation console system which uses a touch-screen panel to access a variety of equipment including a LCD projector, a computer, a document camera, a VCR, a laserdisc/CD audio player, an audiocassette player, and cable channels.

Additional Technology

Additional Technology, available in the Curriculum Lab and throughout the Educational Technology Center, includes 14 Macintosh and 6 PC computers, which have Internet access, MS Office, and access to black/white laser printers, a scanner and a color laser printer.

Note: A Proctor is available to address any technical problems or questions regarding the technology in the ETC.


Library Materials


The Library Materials are found in the Curriculum Lab (Room 106), the Professional Collection (Room 106-3) and the Children's Literature Center (Room 106-5).

Curriculum Lab

The Curriculum Lab (Room 106) contains the K-12 Textbook, Supplemental and Curriculum Guide collections, the K-6 Basal Reading collection, the Masters of Education Projects and the manipulative, kits and games shelves.

Professional Collection

The Professional Collection (Room 106-3) houses the Library of Congress classed materials covering the history, theory, practice and special aspects of education as well as K-12 educational activities in all of the subject areas.

Children's Literature Materials

The Children's Literature Center (Room 106-5) hosts a small version of a K-12 library to familiarize pre-service teachers with the fiction and the Dewey non-fiction classification schemes of K-12 libraries.

Additional Materials

Additional materials can be found at the Circulation Counter and include K-12 educational software and videos, assessment tests and materials placed on reserve by Center for Teaching and Learning faculty. Computerized Library Automation Software is used to locate, catalog and manage the circulation of materials in the collection.


Other Resources

Multimedia Group Mobiles

Multimedia Group Mobiles (4) (MGMs) are mobile console units designed for movement to classrooms or seminar rooms. Two of these units are located in two of the study rooms, and these units are available for student class presentation practice. These units feature the same touch screen panel control as the main presentation console systems and provide access to a computer, VCR, a laserdisc/CD audio combination player, an audiocassette unit, and cable channels which all play through a 32 inch multiscan monitor.

Educational Technology Collection

The Educational Technology Collection consists of equipment and a variety of journals, periodicals, books, software and other resources dedicated to the appropriate use and integration of educational technology in teaching and learning. Circulating equipment includes CD/cassette playback recorders, data projectors, camcorders, tripods, digital cameras, DVD players, 16mm projectors, 35mm slide projectors, a "CameraMan", carts with TV/VCR, conference phones, tape recorders, ZIP drives and Mac and PC laptops. Recommendations of additions to this growing collection are always welcome.

Video Conference Room

The Video Conference room (127-6) hosts videoconferencing equipment, a MGM, and a document camera (which is laptop accessible). This room seats 10 people. Contact our ETC staff for details about scheduling the room and for instruction on the video conferencing equipment.

Observation Video Suite

The Observation Video Suite is comprised of the Control Room (Room 115), the K-12 model classrooms (Rooms 114 and 122), four micro-teaching rooms (Rooms 116, 117, 120, 121) and the observation areas. Features include observation, videotaping and videoconferencing capabilities. The K-12 models are each equipped with a presentation console system.

Study Rooms

Study rooms (3) are available for individuals or small groups. Each room is equipped with a computer, a TV/VCR, a laserdisc player, and other equipment and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Technology Exploration Center

The Technology Exploration Center (Room 106-2) is equipped with newer technologies along with older technologies that are still in use in K-12 schools. This Center provides hands-on opportunities and instruction for faculty, pre-service and in-service teachers to explore and discover the appropriate use of these technologies in teaching and learning.