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College of Business

Seattle Economics Council Meeting

The CWU Economics Association traveled to Seattle on Wednesday, October 4, to attend the monthly Seattle Economics Council (SEC) Meeting, held in the Wells Fargo Center. The meeting featured John Creighton, Port of Seattle Commissioner, speaking on the opperations and economic development of the Port.

Mr. Creighton focused the majority of his talk on the cooperation between the Port of Tacoma and the Port of Seattle. The alliance is refered to as the Northwest SeaPort Alliance. With this alliance, both ports agreed to work together in offering excellent service to the large shipping companies that are attracted to the Puget Sound region in hopes of cost savings in the future.

Additionally, Creighton spoke about the $2.4 billion the Port has scheduled in renovations over the next 15 years. They plan to expand T-5 (terminal 5) to accomodate the "megaships" that companies are beginning to utilize. In addition to the megaship renovation, the Port plans to change the terminal baggage system along with a new satellite at SeaTac Airport. 

Overall, the meeting was a great opportunity for new Economics Association students to see what a professional meeting looks like. It offered wonderful networking experience for everyone involved in the trip. The next SEC meeting will be held on November 1, featuring Brad Vaivoda speaking on blockchain basics.

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