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Early Childhood Learning Center

Staff Bio - Colleen Feeney-Griffith

Colleen Feeney-Griffith
Blue Room Teacher
(509) 963-1744


Teaching Experience:

I have been working with young children for over 35 years and families in a vairety of roles and classroom settings.  I have two grown children and three grandchildren.  This is my seventh year working at ECLC.


I worked in parent cooperative preschool when my children were young, then moved on to teaching and directing at a community college child care program, a corporate sponsored program, ECEAP, and finally opened my own school which operated for 12 years until my husband and I moved to Ellensburg to be near grandchildren.


I have a master's degree in early childhood education, curriculum and instruction; I have also attended and presented many continuing education classes and taught ECE classes at a community college for 10 years. I enjoy continuing to learn and stay current in the field.


I believe that young children are born "programmed to learn". They have an innate curiosity and drive to figure out their world. They do this best through hands-on investigation with concrete materials, social interaction with peers and supportive, caring grown-ups to help them be successful in their play and learning.

In my classroom children:

Will experience a wide variety of materials and activities, develop skills and concepts, participate with a community of friends, and grow in positive self-esteem and reponsibility.

Coming into my classroom parents will see/observe:

Children playing individually or in small groups throughout the activity centers in the classroom; building bocks, playing pretend, writing, drawing, painting, and reading. "Teachers" will be at the children's level, leading a project or game, supporting the children's ideas or helping them be successful with a planned project or activity.

My goals are:

For all children to grow in confidence and skills and concepts appropriate for their individual time-line for development; to be supportive of individual differences and needs while leading our class group as a whole toward learning, positive self-control, and feeling of competence in a school setting.