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Early Childhood Learning Center


December 1-18, 2015


 Danish Pastry, RaspberriesCold Cereal, BananasWW Bagels, ApplesauceVanilla Yogurt,
Marion Berries, Grahams
 Beef Hotdogs, WW Buns, Broccoli Cauliflower Mix, Fruit CocktailTurkey & Ham Sandwiches, WW Bread, Carrots, PineappleChicken Pot Pie, WW Biscuits,
Mixed Vegetables, Peaches
Fish, WW Crackers, Peas, Oranges
 Rice Krispy Treats, BlueberriesCheese Slices, WW Crackers, GrapesPB&Jelly Sandwiches,
WW Bread,
Fresh Pears, Milk 
WW English Muffin Cheese Pizza, Assorted Fruit
Waffles, StrawberriesBrunch Eggs, WW Tortillas, Marion BerriesOven French Toast, RaspberriesBaked Oatmeal,
Fruit Cocktail
WW English Muffins, Applesauce
Chicken Alfredo Noodle Bake, Green Beans, Pears

Sausage Pop-Over Pizza, Pop-Over Crust, Corn Peaches

Beef Chili, Corn Bread, Carrots, OrangesHamburger Sour
Cream Noodle Bake, Broccoli Cauliflower Mix, Fresh Pears
Tuna Melts, WW Buns, Peas Oranges
Cheese Sticks, WW Crackers, GrapesStrawberry Yogurt, Apples, Animal CrackersCheese Quesadillas, WW Tortillas, BananasChex Mix,
No Bake Energy Bars, Grapes
Vanilla Yogurt, Marion Berries, GrahamsWW Bagels, ApplesaucePancakes, StrawberriesCold Cereal, BananasClosed
Dec 18-31
Turkey & Ham Sandwiches, WW Bread, Carrots, PineapplesBeef Hotdog, WW Buns, Green Beans, Fresh PearsChicken Strips, WW Crackers, Mixed Vegetables, PeachesFish, WW Crackers, Peas, Oranges 
WW English Muffin Cheese Pizza, ApplesPB&Jelly Sandwiches, WW Bread, Bananas, MilkCheese Slices, WW Crackers, GrapesCucumbers, Carrots, & Broccoli, Ranch Dip, WW Crackers 

Key: Breakfast, Lunch, Snack.
WW: Whole Wheat

**Breakfast and Lunch Served with Milk**


Be physically active every day
Eat more from some food groups than others Choose healthier foods from each group Every color every day Make choices that are right for you Take one step at a time

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