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Early Childhood Learning Center

Inside to Outside Transition

  • Understand that outdoor clothing might be different than indoor clothing.
  • Understand that they have a personal locker to place their coats, gloves, boots, etc
  • Recognizes when it is time to start getting ready to go outside
  • Understands the difference between a button or zipper coat
  • Can put on sweater, coat etc. by themselves or ask for assistance from student staff or lead teacher
  • Can recognize personal belongings (own coat, gloves, sweaters, shoes, etc.)
  • Have an understanding that the big climber is only for blue room
  • Clearly recognizes use of outside toys (little climber, blue room climber, playhouse, basketball court, etc.)
  • Can identify balls, bikes, tricycles and other outside toys
  • Can play and have conversation with other children and staff
  • Can walk up and down stairs alternating feet
  • Climbs well
  • Can run easily
  • Can kick balls and pedal tricycles
  • Recognizes when it is time to start getting ready to come inside
  • Helps place equipment where it belongs, helps with clean up
  • Comes in quietly and ready for quiet activity
  • Once inside, quietly take off outside clothing and wash hands for activity
  • Understands the basketball court is for bikes, not trikes
  • Aware of outside toys and where they belong
  • Self-help skills emphasized

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