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William O. Douglas Honors College

Program Descriptions

The William O. Douglas Honors College (DHC) is a two-tiered program for academically talented students at Central Washington University (CWU). The first tier satisfies the general education requirements of CWU and the second tier prepares students for their post-CWU aspirations, be it the global workplace and/or graduate school.


Core Curriculum (Tier One)

The core curriculum consists of 56 credits which satisfy the general education requirements of Central Washington University.  Students in the William O. Douglas Honors College (DHC) do not complete the basic skills requirements or the breadth requirements of the CWU General Education Program. Instead, students in the honors college complete their general education requirements through a series of DHC designated courses.

Most first-year students entering the DHC will complete these 56 credits. However, students who are entering the DHC with credits from Running Start, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), transferring from another university, or transferring from a community college without a Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) degree, should speak with a DHC advisor to discuss these transfer credits.

Interdisciplinary Honors Minor

The Interdisciplinary Honors minor is comprised of 35 credits. Most DHC students satisfy the requirements of the minor by completing the DHC Breadth Requirements and one additional five-credit course, DHC 380.

DHC Course Requirements

Upper-Division Honors (Tier Two)

Upper-Division Honors is a faculty-mentored research experience wherein students complete two upper-disvision seminars along with a culminating capstone project. The Upper-Division Honors program is 17 credits and complements all majors and minors offered at Central Washington University.

Transfer students will go directly into the Upper-Division Honors program.

Students planning to conduct research in the empirical sciences should be familiar with the guidelines for writing a research proposal.