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William O. Douglas Honors College

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The William O. Douglas Honors College combines the benefits of a personalized liberal arts education with the breadth of majors and opportunities available at a large regional University. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum which replaces the CWU general curriculum and culminates in the senior capstone experience, the Douglas Honors College provides students with the analytic, research, communications and leadership skills necessary to become responsible and successful citizens of today's globalized and fast-changing world.

Our Vision

The William O. Douglas Honors College will evolve as a regional and national center of academic excellence where an ethical commitment to learning is integrated with a passionate spirit of inquiry and a critical understanding of the responsibilities of global citizenship. By bringing together the great ideas from diverse traditions of knowledge around the world for analysis and understanding, the college will promote independent thinking and help prepare creative and innovative leaders to meet emerging challenges of local, national, and international issues.

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