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William O. Douglas Honors College

Migration: Rhetoric and Reality - DHC Spring Miniversity

Did you know that despite political rhetoric, immigrants from Mexico have a crime rate as low, and, in some research, lower, than non-immigrants. The U.S. Government has in more recent years treated the civil violations of immigration laws as criminal rather than purely civil. This “crimmigration” has been focused upon the Mexico/U.S. border, not the U.S. /Canada border.  The history of U.S/Mexico border relations is important to understand to address the events and policies of today. Also, while the chaos and migration in the Middle-East is often presented as a consequence of non-state terrorism, nation-states in the Middle-East and elsewhere have been significant in creating the massive migration due to war and conflict. Join us in understanding these and other issues and possible solutions to these man made problems. May 9, 16, 23 and 30 at 5:30pm.

May 9
Dr. Susana Flores
"And Some, I Assume, Are Good People: An Immigrant Counterstory"

May 16
Dr. Gilberto Garcia
"Mexico-U.S. Immigration Policy: A Historical View"

May 23
Dr. Chuck Reasons
"Crimmigration: The Criminalizing of Immigrants"

May 30
Dr. Anne Cubilié
"Middle East Migration, War and Chaos"

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