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William O. Douglas Honors College

The Great Leap: 40th Anniversary Cultural Event at the Seattle Rep

DHC students, faculty, alums and prospective and incoming students joined each other for a special cultural event at the Seattle Repertory Theatre on April 21. Students had an opportunity to mingle with alums and faculty at a reception in the Rep's lobby prior to attending a performance of "The Great Leap", a new play about basketball, culture and the relationships formed in and around them. The play was funny, rude, and moving foray into the challenges, opportunities and mis-understandings between a Chinese-American teenage basketball prodigy and his boorish coach from the Bronx when they plan a 'return' to China for a friendship basketball game in the final days of the 1989 Tianamen Square uprising.

Thank you very much for arranging the 40th Anniversary Event on Saturday.
“The Great Leap” was excellent and a very good venue for our social event.
My wife and I enjoyed meeting fellow alumni, current and future students, and people like [Christina Denison] who are carrying on the great tradition. -Bob Bentley, class of 1984

Christina Denison, the DHC Assistant Director and her team spent weeks ensure the event was the highlight of the year for DHC, and would be remembered for years to come. Among the memorabilia was a photo book of 40 years of DHC students and faculty, a brief history of the DHC, and a slide show which was joined by many balloons, much DHC swag in the form of water bottles, coasters, T-shirts and bags and of course, excellent food at the buffet tables. A good time was had by all, and at DHC we are already excited for next year's spring cultural event, and the next plan to meet all together again as a College - past, present and future.

The cultural event and anniversary celebration were fabulous!  I even got to see alumni who were in the old Great Books curriculum back when I taught the seniors.  The reception and show were both wonderful (I particularly enjoyed the humorous aspects of the show), and even the bus was a nice one. – Professor Ruthi Erdman

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