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William O. Douglas Honors College

DHC Student Association

List of Officers 2015-2016


Myrinda Wolitarsky: President

Hi there! My name is Myrinda Wolitarsky and I am running for DHCSA President. The DHC is a very important part of Central Washington University and I believe that more people need to know about it. I would like to help lead the DHC into a year of growth, learning, and fun. Getting our name out there and recruiting new students is a consistent goal, along with keeping awesome classes on the schedule and having fun activities for current students to partake in. I had multiple leadership roles throughout my high school career including National Honor Society President, R.A.K.E. (Random Acts of Kindness Etc.) Club President, and Captain of the Girls Swim Team. I feel like these past positons have helped me grow as a leader and be more prepared to take this position. Even with my past experiences, I still have more learning to do and I would be very open to suggestions of how to make the DHC a better organization. Thank you for considering me for your DHCSA President.

VACANT: VP of University Affairs

Ryan Zimmerman: VP of Academic Affairs

I spent my first 18 years in Skagit Valley which is about 45 minutes North of Everett. I have one brother who is 24 and graduated from Washington State University. When not in school, I am usually outside; hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, whatever it may be. Central is definitely the school for me, choosing a school wasn’t the easiest, but I am confident in my decision.

Denver Blackson: VP of Civic Engagement

I’ve spent my first year at Central working for the Center for Diversity and Social Justice, which has given me experience working with it and other non-academic centers on campus. In addition, I’ve been volunteering with Ellensburg’s local Film Festival, meaning I have practical experience in civic engagement both on and off campus. This year’s DHC sock hop project was one I helped develop within University 101, that and with my programming work with CDSJ means I have practical experience developing projects that would be invaluable to a VP of Civic Engagement. I’m confident I would bring fresh perspective and important experience to the DHCSA.

Amanda Huffstetler: VP of Public Relations

Amanda Huffstetler was born and raised in Burlington, Washington, a small town 30-minutes south of Bellingham. As the first to attend college in her immediate family, Amanda genuinely enjoys learning and deeply values her education. Amanda is proficient in American Sign Language and dabbles in the visual arts. Currently, she is involved in Central Student Alumni Association, Public Relations Student Society of America, and American Sign Language Club here at Central Washington University. As Vice President of Public Relations, she intends to focus on engaging current DHC students in events held by the DHCSA, as well as recruiting prospective students to add to our diverse and intellectually stimulating DHC community.



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