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William O. Douglas Honors College

About the DHC

The William O. Douglas Honors College (DHC), founded in 1977, is a two-tiered course of study for academically talented students at Central Washington University (CWU). The first tier satisfies the general education requirements of CWU and the second tier prepares students for their post-CWU aspirations, be it the global workplace and/or graduate school.

The college is named for U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O.Douglas, a native of Yakima, Washington and a great supporter of higher education. Following Justice Douglas' example, the DHC encourages intellectual breadth, academic curiosity and the application of scholarship to pressing social issues.

Students wishing to apply should contact the DHC office to find out about minimum qualifications and the application process.

For additional information visit the DHC office, Language and Literature Building, 103, or call (509) 963-1900. 

Four Pillars

The William O. Douglas Honors College program is structured upon four "pillars" of coordinated intellectual engagement. 

Undergraduate Research: the intellectual and creative pursuit of new knowledge or understanding.  This includes opportunities to publish and to present original research in conference settings.

Leadership: the ability to lead a group of people toward a specific goal in a positive manner that promotes direction and not dictation. This pillar includes the DHC mentoring programs.

Critical Inquiry: the process of asking questions about the world that reveal connections and conclusions, leading to further investigation, inquiry and a stronger research base.

Civic Engagement: the consistent involvement in and engagement with local and global communities through acts of service and volunteering; community based research is a strong component of this pillar.

DHC Four Pillars


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