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The Diversity and Equity Center offers a variety of learning opportunities. Our training and workshop opportunities are peer-led and are intended to serve students at Central Washington University. 

Workshops are offered throughout each quarter at a variety of designated times in collaboration with Wildcat Leadership Academy, through the Don't Cancel That Class initiative, and by request. Below is a schedule for the current quarter's scheduled trainings and workshops and information on all available trainings and workshops.

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Winter 2020 Schedule

Information on HR course and section numbers are only relevant to faculty and staff. Students are still welcome to attend these events and do not need to remember the course or section numbers.

Check back later to see what workshops are offered Spring Quarter!


Power of Language (Diversity Dominos)

Length: 50 or 90 minutes
This workshop is designed to create an open dialogue about language, the power of words, and the way in which language is used. Through interactive games and discussion, we encourage students to think constructively about the ways language can both positively and negatively be impactful to ourselves, and those around us. With this, we contribute to CWU’s inclusive campus community by creating pathways to inclusive language.



Length: 50 or 90 minutes
This workshop creates space to talk about the ways in which microaggressions impact individuals with or without knowing it. Through activities, discussions, and experiences, we shed light on how microaggressions affect individuals and communities, where they stem from, and how to approach them. With this, we contribute to CWU’s inclusive campus community by dismantling myths and misconceptions.


Equity 101

Length: 50 or 90 minutes
This workshop opens the discussion about equity and its importance in society. Here, we set a foundation covering the basics of equity, activities that create growth and development, and an appreciation for inclusivity and one’s lived experiences. By defining equity, equality, and marginalization, we provide CWU with a better understanding about societal systems that influence our sense of power and privilege and acknowledge the importance of identity.


Disability 101

Length: 50 or 90 minutes
This workshop is designed to create an open discussion about the various forms of (dis)ability and their multi-faceted aspects. Through interactive games, dialogue, and terminology, students can have a deeper understanding about (dis)abilities, dispel misconceptions and myths, and gain pathways in becoming a better ally. With this, we contribute to CWU’s inclusive campus community through advocacy and addressing systems of oppression.


Spinning for Social Justice
Note: Spinning for Social Justice is only offered during the first 6 weeks experience each Fall Quarter

Length: 50 minutes
This workshop allows for students to foster community and learning through tasks, at random, on the S4SJ Wheel (Spinning for Social Justice). Here, we encourage students to become more engaged in sharing their stories, creating a network and understanding varying walks of life. Through this, we can contribute to CWU’s inclusive campus community


Safer Spaces

Length: 5 hours
This workshop stems from the Safer Space initiative to understand the multi-faceted aspects of the LGBTQ+ community. Here, students will have the opportunity to participate in interactive exercises, discussions, and sustained dialogue that provide understanding about the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, students will get a chance to increase their understanding about the terminology, privilege, and social constructs of gender. By providing students with the necessary information and tools, we contribute to providing CWU with ways in which they can become better allies and promote an inclusive campus community.

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