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What if you're sitting with a group of friends, and a couple of them make a comment about gays - what could you do?
  • ignore it
  • refuse to laugh
  • casually leave
  • use "soft" confrontation and tell them it's not funny or nice
  • offer information to give a different (more accurate) perspective
  • ask them not to make such comments around you
What's hard about some of these responses?
  • you could be ridiculed
  • they might think you're gay
  • friends might get mad at you
  • create an awkward situation
What could you do if a friend tells you a "rumor" that a floor member is supposedly gay?
  • ignore them
  • tell them you couldn't care less
  • tell them it doesn't matter to you if he/she is gay
  • tell them it's harmful to pass on such information
  • say that is he/she is gay , that it's his/her right to come out only to people if he/she wants to and they have no right to violate that trust.
  • ask them not to tell anyone else
  • talk about some of the abuse gays can experience from ignorant floor members
We do a lot of programming and activities in the residence halls and on campus designed for heterosexuals without considering the interest or needs of LGBT individuals. What are some examples of this?
  • the dating game
  • date parties
  • Sadie Hawkins dances
  • all dances
  • Valentines' Day activities
  • escort dinners and other activities that match up a woman's and men's floors
  • using popular music with messages about heterosexuality, marriage, etc.
  • dating auction


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